Tropicfeel Shell

Tropicfeel Shell was a class project challenging students to create a small 3.5″x5″ inch hangtag booklet. This hangtag would be attached to the product and needs to explain the specs of the Tropicfeel Shell backpack. 

Tropicfeel Shell Hangtag Cover Page

Tropicfeel Shell Hangtag Back Page

Tropicfeel Shell Pages

Tropicfeel Mockup

Here is the mockup of the Tropicfeel Shell hangtag booklet. If this hangtag booklet were to be attached to the Shell backpack, then there will be a holepunch in the upper right corner on the left page and holepunch on the upper left corner of the right page. These holepunches would allow for a string to loop through and attach onto the backpack.

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