Bull's Snack Sticks

  • Bull’s Snack Sticks struggles to compete with big competitors, such as Slim Jim and Jack Links
  • The brand needs an identity
  • Rebrand Bull’s to make it pop on the shelf
  • Give it a new identity to create something more memorable
Bull's Snack Stick Original Designs

The image above shows the original PDQ drawer and snack stick design label. The other image shows the original PDQ tall hopper. For the rebranding, information about their product, such as “snack stick,” “made with beef & chicken,” and “no pork” was required.


Wesley was inspired by western cowboys. It’s the shape of their glorious beard and mustache in similarity to a bull.

Original Label
So tasty your boots will be kickin'

Have you ever eaten something so delicious so you start nodding your head, tapping your feet, or making you want to dance? That’s what it means. It’ll have your boots kickin’ like a dancing cowboy.

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