About Sunbeam Kids (SBK)

Sunbeam kids is a non-profit organization that engages children and families with the world through acts of community service in the greater Milwaukee Area. SBK believes a kid’s ability to understand and contribute to the world around them at an early age allows them to develop self-confidence, broad-thinking, and a sense of community mindedness. Children will engage in fun ways to connect with their community and will see their positive impact on others knowing they can make a difference in the world.

View the current Sunbeam Kids Webpage.

  • Sunbeam Kids needs a vector logo
  • Older children in the program felt that the current logo was too kiddish
  • Children wanted to wear black shirts, but the logo lacks visibility with black t-shirts
  • Brand needs visual consistency
  • Create a vector logo that is visible on black shirts
  • Rebrand SBK by giving it a meaningful and more mature identity that could professionally represent its mission & values

Rebranded Colors & Text

Original SBK Logo

Rebranded Logos

Rebranded Webpage

T-Shirt Mockups

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